Our Story

3 Our story begins with Eli and Jojo, the two furry faces responsible for the creation of our grain-free dog treat company, Eli & Jojo’s Bakery Bites .  Eli has been a part of our family for 10 years, and during that time it has been a challenge to find dog food and treats he liked.  At times he would go several days and not touch the kibble in his bowl.  Give him a generic manufactured dog treat and he wouldn’t touch it.  Who knows how many dog food and treat brands we tried.  We lost count.We decided to try a raw food diet and I started making his food myself.  What happened next was rather shocking.  He ate, and ate, and ate.  And gained 5 pounds.  Now THAT wasn’t good, but we learned something very valuable.  When we gave him real food he loved it.  When we gave him fake food he wouldn’t touch it.  So we switched him to a grain free, wholesome kibble and I started making him dog treats with real ingredients.  He went absolutely crazy over the treats!

Jojo joined our family February, 2015, as a puppy.  This wild little thing would eat anything and everything, including shoes, paper, sticks and leaves, pinecones, his dog toys, blanket fuzz and Eli’s food.  Lucky for us and for Jojo, we already knew the best dog food and homemade dog treats to feed him.

I continued to refine my dog treat recipes to include only the best ingredients, making sure each treat provided beneficial nutrients to nurture their health and well-being.  And as they say, one thing led to another and Eli & Jojo’s Bakery Bites was created.  Every dog deserves real, wholesome, healthy food and it’s our mission to make that happen.  We pride ourselves on our commitment to safe, wholesome, organic treats always made with nutritional benefits for each dog.  That will always be our focus.

Kathy, Eli and Jojo

Every dog deserves real, wholesome, healthy food and it’s our mission to make that happen.

ELI    “Don’t worry about me.  I’ll be here on the couch all day if you need me.”

Nickname:  BubbyOrganic Dog Treats - ELI
Date of Birth:  April 4, 2005 (66 in dog years)
Hometown:  Brevard, North Carolina
Description:  Distinguished.
Height: 13” from the ground up
Weight:  None of your business.
Body Type:  Semi-Buff

Marital Status:  Single but looking.
Income:  Retired
Favorite Food:  My mom’s dog treats, of course.
Favorite Leisure Activity:  Leisure IS my favorite activity.
Education:  Graduated from Obedience School in 2005
Occupation:  Chief Couch Potato
Favorite Toy:  I’m too old to play with toys.
Favorite Song:  Eli’s Coming by Three Dog Night
Dislikes:  Anything new that you bring into the house that I haven’t seen before.

When we gave him real food he loved it. He went absolutely crazy over the treats!

JOJO     “Come here and let me nibble on your ears!”Healthy Dog Treats - JOJO

Nickname:  Little Bit, Wild Thing and Smooshy Face
Date of Birth:  December 7, 2014
Hometown:  Brevard, North Carolina
Description:  Just darn cute!
Height:  8” from the ground up
Weight: 12 lbs.
Body Type:  Pudgy but cute.
Marital Status:  Not old enough to date (yet).
Income:  What’s income?
Favorite Food:  Treats, fruits and vegetables
Favorite Leisure Activity:  Stealing shoes from the closet.
Education:  Currently enrolled in Mr. Peabody’s Puppy Preschool
Occupation:  Associate Couch Potato
Favorite Toy: My red dragon and my schnakey-poo
Favorite Song:  Get Back by the Beatles
Dislikes:  Going outside when it’s raining.